Getting Started with Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC Overview

SDLC is a step-by-step procedure to develop the software. It consists of various phases or stages like Requirement Gathering, Feasibility Study, Design, Coding, Testing, Installation and Maintenance.

Requirement Gathering:

In this stage we collect the business need of the customer in the form of requirement documents.

Feasibility Study:

Here a set of team sits and analyze if the project is durable or not.


In this phase a design document is created which is like the blueprint of the application. This design phase can again be divided into High Level Design and Low Level Design.


Once the design is done the developer starts writing code using some programming language & develop the application according to requirement.


a. Once the software is ready the test engineers start checking whether the functionality of the application works according to requirement or not.

b. During the testing processes the software test engineer may get some bugs or defects which needs to be intimated to the developer.

c. The developer will fix the bugs by doing the necessary changes & gives it back to Test Engineer once again. And this process continues until the software is stable or bug-free or working according to requirement.


Once the software is developed, tested and works according to the requirements, it should be handed over to the customer i.e. installed at customer’s place.


Once the Installation is done the customer starts using the software & meanwhile the customer may face some issues which is fixed as soon as possible by the companies who developed the software or maintain the software under maintenance stage.

SDLC Phases

SDLC Service Based Companies

SDLC Product Based Companies

That’s it for this blog. In the next blog we will right about the different models of SDLC like Waterfall Model , Spiral Model, Prototype Model, V-V model , Hybrid Model and finally the highly popular Agile Methodology.

See you guys in the next Blog 🙂

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