What is Software Testing? Black-Box Testing v/s White-Box Testing v/s Grey-Box Testing

Types of Software Testing can be broadly divided into three parts. White box testing, Black box testing and Grey box testing.  Here in this blog, we are going to see the basic difference between black box, white box and grey box testing. Since software testing process is a vast field it can also be categorized into functional and non-functional testing from a different point of view. But here in this blog let us concentrate on Black Box v/s White Box v/s Grey Box. So, let’s start.

Types of Software Testing

Software Testing Definition:

Software Testing is a process to check whether the software is working according to client requirement. Simply put if the process of checking is done manually then it is known as Manual Testing and if it performed in an automated way its known as Automation Testing.

Types of Software Testing:

White Box Testing:

  1. It is a type of testing done by the developers where they check each and every lines of code written by them before handling over the application to the Test Engineer.
  2. It is known as White Box Testing since the code is visible to the developers.
  3. White box testing should not be done manually since it is time consuming and hideous process.
  4. Generally, it is done by writing a small set of programs known as Unit Test.
  5. Unit Test is a small program which in return tests the main program.
  6. Advantages of Unit Tests are it is time saving and can be re-used “n” number of times.

Black Box Testing:

  1. This type of testing is done by software test engineers where they check if the functionality of an application is working according to the requirement.
  2. It is known as Black Box since the code is not visible to the test engineers during testing process.

Grey Box Testing:

  1. It is done by the test engineers who has knowledge of both coding as well as Testing.
  2. Grey-box testing is a combination of white-box testing and black-box testing.
  3. The aim of this testing is to search for defects due to improper structure or improper usage of applications.
  4. Grey-box testing is also known as translucent testing as test engineering team has limited knowledge of coding

That’s it for this blog. Beginners can also try to get themselves ISTQB certified which will be helpful to kickstart their career in software testing .In the next blog I will give detailed explanation about White-Box Testing. So stay tuned.

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